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Third Sip Coffee

While working the night shifts as an engineer, coffee was of utmost importance to me. Initially, I was drinking the regular coffee available at the office but soon realized that, while not bad, it was not exactly the most enjoyable. Then, for several years, I was ok with the options I came across on my way to work for my daily coffee fix. Looking for a better coffee-drinking experience and a more powerful kickstart to my working nights, I started preparing my own coffee at home. As a preferred method, I decided to use the Moka Pot, paying homage to my beloved mother and the many rich coffees she prepared for me during my college study nights. And by trying and comparing different roasts, brands, and blends, I developed a preference for mid-to-dark roasted coffees.

The “Whole” Finding

One pleasant discovery was the great improvement that occurred when I started buying whole coffee beans and grinding them at home right before brewing the coffee. I immediately noticed the difference and knew it was a “sine qua non” for a great coffee. I then continued pursuing the best possible Cup of Joe and trying high-quality, imported coffee brands and beans from different stores and specialty coffee shops.

Something was missing…

I realized that, regardless of the brand, blend, roast, and coffee beans origin, there was a factor I had little to no control over the freshness. It was hard to find out (or not possible at all) when the coffee beans had been roasted and for how long they had been stored and placed on the store shelves.

Freshly Roasted: The Ne Plus Ultra

It was a huge revelation for me the first time I tried a coffee that had been roasted just a few days before. The boldness of the resulting coffee was accentuated and bright, the aroma was captivating and previously inexistent flavors started to emerge. That was it. There was no coming back. A final discovery? As a rule of thumb, it takes three sips to fully discover and appreciate all the goodness a wonderful coffee like this has to offer. Welcome to Third Sip Coffee. Enjoy it!

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